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  • What are the benefits of silk?
    Silk is a luxurious fabric with numerous benefits. It is soft, smooth, and comfortable against the skin. Silk is breathable, regulating temperature and providing comfort in all seasons. It is hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin. Despite its lightweight nature, it is durable and long-lasting. Silk has a natural luster, adding elegance to garments. It is versatile, easily dyed and printed. Being biodegradable and sustainable, silk is an eco-friendly choice. It is suitable for all-season use, minimizes static, and has low friction. These qualities make silk a desirable fabric for clothing, bedding, and decor.
  • What are Natural Dyes?
    Natural dyes are dyes derived from natural sources such as plants, insects, minerals, and other organic materials. They have been used for centuries to color textiles, fibers, and various materials. Unlike synthetic dyes, which are chemically created, natural dyes are obtained from renewable resources and are often considered more environmentally friendly, and safer for our skin.
  • Do Natural Dyes fade?
    Natural dyes, while generally known for their beauty and unique color variations, may exhibit some degree of fading over time. The extent of fading can depend on various factors, including the specific dye source, dyeing process, and the way the dyed item is cared for. It's important to note that the fading of natural dyes is not necessarily a negative characteristic. Many people appreciate the natural aging and patina that develops over time, as it adds character and a sense of history to the dyed items. To maintain the color vibrancy of natural dyed items, it is recommended to store them away from direct sunlight when not in use, follow appropriate care instructions, and accept that some fading may occur naturally as part of the aging process.
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